fevereiro 14, 2008

From your Valentine - um cartão-história de dia dos namorados euro-americano que fiz para a minha


Valentine was a guy who helped Christians when nearly not even god helped them. For such undesirable act, he was arrested and kept in jail. But as Miss Fortune and Lady Luck played a big cruel game at that time, in jail he met his love: the blind daughter of the jail guard. People say that his love was so big that a miracle happened; the girl Valentine loved was cured and was not blind anymore. But, as said earlier, Lady Luck and Miss Fortune were playful cruel goddesses, and the poor Valentine’s lover began to see again just to look him being killed by his crimes in February 14th, 269. People say that before the guards killed Valentine, he sent a letter to her, a very lovely letter, saying how much he loved that girl and would love until the end of times. In the end of it, he signed that letter in a very special way, so special that people still use it, to praise that old miraculous love:

- From your Valentine.